The River team preparing to return to set

30th April 2020

The 1Magic show, The River, is panning to resume filming while other soapies/series in South Africa are reporting the possibility of taking some soapies off-air as they are running out of episodes due to the national lockdown.

The production team are planning on taking advantage of the Level 4 lockdown restriction to commence filming.

Strict social distance measures and minimum staff will be set to operate.

"Although we don't know the exact date, we are gearing up to go back to shooting. It would most likely be next week. I am trying to check the script to see what is feasible as a lot of scenes will have skeleton actors and no extras.

"This entire day I will look at what can be best possible for the show while keeping the safety of the actors and crew in mind.

He warned that if one person contracts the virus then they would unfortunately have to halt production.

"We will be limiting the number of actors who will appear on the screen. We are looking at ways to curb the spread of the virus because safety comes first." creative producer Percy Vilakazi said.

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