Predictions of 4 Changes after the COVID-19 Panemic

17th May 2020

As the coronavirus spread through the world with infection cases predicted to hit more than 8 million people by the end of 2020, the world is forced to change routines and the traditional way of doing things.

Here is a prediction of a few things that will change and might not return to its traditional ways of doing things.

  1. Restaurant sits in

Because the virus transmission requires close contact, what we might see in many Restaurant across the world is the limit on the number of people that are allowed to sit in a Restaurant.

Many people might not even want to go to the restaurant or food outlets, they will prefer to order in for self-protection.

With services like UberEats and Mr D already in South Africa, the majority of people have already adopted the new way of eating 'out'.

  1. Masks and sanitizers

The use of the mask in most countries across the world was only for medical use, as of now almost every person in the world owns a mask that they use.

In some shops or shopping centres, you might not even be allowed to enter without a mask.

Sanitising of surfaces and screening of individuals will continue, with sports events returning slowly, requirements from governments is that stadiums are to be fully sanitised and disinfected before any sports activity can be conducted.

  1. Online shopping

With more and more fear of crowded places, we have already seen an increase in online shopping.

And this will only increase as people settle down and change back to their normal needs.

Many activities will be moved to online services.

  1. Work from home employments

In all lockdowns throughout the world, the one industry that was not affected as others were the IT industry because many of them can work from home.

With internet-only getting cheaper and speed increasing, meetings have moved to online platforms, communication has shifted to instant messaging applications.

The administration is one via emails and storage of any sort is also one online.

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