Home of the Mona Lisa reopened to the public

7th July 2020

The Louvre Museum, otherwise known as the Musée du Louvre to French locals, was reopened to the public on Monday.

The world's largest art collection and most visited museum located in Paris, France resembled a desolate tomb filled with whimsical but unstirred artifacts similar to what an archeologist would have stumbled upon during the excavation of a lost city instead of the hive of tourist activity it is known for during the time it was closed to the public when France went into lockdown in March.

The museum is back and as spectacular as ever, armed with health and safety protocols to adapt to the post-pandemic tourism industry.

Online only-reservations need to be made before one can visit and, face masks are a non-negotiable requirement upon entry and throughout one's visit.

A one-way system has also been implemented and a limited number of people are allowed to visit on a particular day.

The star of the Louvre has also been subjected to COVID-19 protocol as there is also a spaced queue to view Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa painting.

While the museum records up to 10 million visitors a year or an average of 50 000 visitors a day, the restrictions implemented to assure the art-lovers safety has placed a large dent in these figures.

"We are losing 80% of our public. We are going to be at best 20-30% down on last summer - between 4,000 and 10,000 visitors a day," director Jean-Luc Martinez told AFP news agency.

Martinez estimates that the museum lost €40 million (R773.6 million) since its closure on March 13.

It was not all bad for the museum as visitors expressed more room available to 'breathe' and enjoy the attractions.

A third of the museum's attractions remain closed to the public but, Martinez said that he remains hopeful that more French tourists will come to the museum over the summer as travel restrictions are eased throughout the European Union.

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