Down to his last R1 million, AKA aims at the Department of Sports, Arts, and Culture

16th July 2020

The Department of Sports, Arts, and Culture tweeted their announcement allowing various sports facilities and cultural venues to reopen, which was likely well received by cinema, theatre, and museum management.

Rapper AKA, who recently tested positive for COVID-19, took it upon himself to point out that the department had left out a particular group.

"What plan is there in place for the performing arts? Musicians, DJ’s and so forth?" he responded to the department's tweet.

Given that the nationwide lockdown was implemented in late March, the live entertainment industry has not made any income in well over 3 months.

The Run Jozi-hitmaker pointed out that some music industry giants had not voiced any of the concerns he voiced, noting that the performance arts sector would become a casualty of the pandemic.

The rapper also revealed that his funds were beginning to dwindle when another Twitter user pointed out his determination to get back on stage.

"Yah well, I’m down to my last million. So yeah I’m panicking," he responded.

The department of Sports, Arts and Culture's spokesperson Masechaba Ndlovu responded to AKA's tweet, stating that provision guidelines had been outlined in a Government Gazette she also provided.

AKA seemed dissatisfied with the document's contents and wrote: "Ok, so ... 80% of this document refers to sports and guidelines pertaining to sports. Where is a CLEAR PLAN for the preservation of THE ARTS & those dependent on THE ARTS for their SURVIVAL?"

Ndlovu highlighted the fact that the country was still under the National State of Disaster regulation and, that sub-sector specific guidelines would be announced by the department's ministry as time went on in response.

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