The Bachelor season 2 winners split during the lockdown

16th July 2020

While M-net announced on Sunday that The first season of The Bachelorette SA will start in early 2021, the couples from The Bachelor season 2 announced their split.

On Wednesday, Marisia, who received the final rose from Marc announced i=on Instagram the end of the relationship and confirmed with a reply to comment by a fan.

"Are you guys still together or no?" asked a follower, she replied, "No, haven't been for a while."

Her Instagram post that with her alone had a caption

The caption of her single Instagram post read: "When I put my hands in yours one day, I'll know that I can pack away my map, knowing that my search for you is over." with #KnowYourWorth, #NotSettling and #NotGivingUpLoveJustYet hashtags.

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