France launches preliminary investigations into TikTok

12th August 2020

The French data privacy watchdog CNIL has opened a preliminary investigation into the ByteDance's TikTok after it received a complaint.

ByteDance is already under investigation over privacy concerns by the US, European Union, and Dutch authorities.

While no details on the nature of the complaint were revealed by the CNIL, TikTok told AlJazeera: "Protecting TikTok users' privacy and safety is our top priority. We are aware of the investigation by the CNIL and are fully cooperating with them."

The handling of personal data about users as well as the ties ByteDance has to China has caused countries to lose trust in the app's security and in some cases have banned the app completely.

The United States has given TikTok and ByteDance less than 45 days to negotiate the sale of their US operations to Microsoft, while the European Data Protection Board and Dutch privacy watchdog have set up investigative teams on the short-video-sharing social media platform handles user data with fears over security and privacy risks.

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