Mali opposition rejects military-backed 18-month transition charter

14th September 2020

The political charter for an 18-month transition government, backed by the ruling junta in Mali was rejected by its most popular opposition movement on Sunday.

"M5-RFP distances itself from the resulting document which does not reflect the views and decisions of the Malian people," said the coalition in a statement.

The military junta, responsible for ousting President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita in a coup d'etat on August 18, had backed a charter that outlined an 18-month transition government on Saturday.

The negotiations agreed that the candidate would be a civilian, but when published, the charter said it could be a civilian or a soldier. One of the discrepancies between the negotiations and charter was the majority pressure for a civilian interim president.

"The desire to grab and confiscate power for the benefit of the CNSP does not justify the means," said the coalition's statement, referring to what the junta calls itself as the National Committee for the Salvation of the People (CNSP). The June 5 Movement (M5) which took part in the talks said the discussions took place in an environment of "intimidation, antidemocratic and unfair practices worthy of another era." The coalition includes opposition groups, religious leaders and civil figures who organized months of protests against the former president.

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