Dinosaur skeleton goes up for auction with a R133.2 million price tag

17th September 2020

One of the largest, most complete, and well-known Tyrannosaurus rex skeletons in the world is going up on auction and is expected to sell for around $8 million (R133.2 million).

The skeleton is reportedly the most duplicated Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton in history, with as many as 60 casts being currently displayed all over the world.

Stan, the T-rex, named after the paleontologist Stan Sacrison who discovered the remains in a geological area in the Midwest in 1987, weighed at least 7 tonnes and was 11.2 meters long from snout to tail.

The skull has puncture wounds and claw-marks, indicating that Stan fought in intense battles 67 million years ago.

After being studied and displayed at South Dakota's Black Hills Institute for 20 years, Stan will be handed over to British auction house Christie's.

Possible buyers are likely to include collectors, cultural institutions, and museum benefactors but, according to James Hyslop, the head of Christie's science and natural history department, Stan "is being offered with no reserve. So absolutely everyone has a shot at him."

"I’ll never forget the moment I came face to face with him for the first time. He looked even larger and more ferocious than I’d imagined, a specimen that only further establishes the [Tyrannosaurus rex]’s position as the King of Dinosaurs," marveled Hyslop.

The auction is set for October 6, and Stan will remain on display through October 21 at the Rockefeller Center.

According to the BBC, demand for dinosaur bones has been growing amongst private collectors.

Film stars like Nicolas Cage and Leonardo DiCaprio have also reportedly bought prehistoric fossils.

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Dinosaur skeleton goes up for auction with a R133.2 million price tag

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