Rwanda approves cannabis production but prohibit local usage

14th October 2020

Confusion in Rwanda as the government has approved the production and exportation of cannabis but prohibit recreational usage in the country.

The growing economy is trying to take part in what is now valued to $345 billion market profit globally.

Leaders have raised concern on whether the government can keep tight control on local abuse of the substance.

"This will not give an excuse for drug abusers and dealers. The law against narcotics is available and it will continue to be enforced," Rwanda's Minister of Health Dr Daniel Ngamije said.

Prohibition in Rwanda is as follow:

Doctors are banned from prescribing it as medicine, and doing so could land them in jail for two years and a fine of about Rwf3 million (about $3000).

Use of the narcotics attracts a jail term of two years, while drug dealers face between 20 years to life in prison, and a fine of up to Rwf30 million ($30,000).

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