Alleged Islamist terrorist recruiter released

15th October 2020

39-year-old Joseph Adremane Kumucho was accused of recruiting members of the public to join Islamist terrorists, which are currently waging war in the Northern province of Cabo Delgado, Mozambique.

Carta de Mocambique reported that Kumucho was arrested by the defense and security forces in the Mueda district on Saturday, then transferred to Montepuez in the southern part of Cabo Delgado, and released after family and friends of Kumucho convinced authorities that he was wrongfully arrested.

Police in Cabo Delgado have struggled to gather sufficient evidence for most cases resulting in many charged with terrorist offenses to be released.

In Pema, the provincial capital, 130 alleged terrorists were acquitted, and 126 were convicted, for prison terms of between 2 and 40 years.

The charges some of the convicted faced included crimes against state security, against state organization, instigating violence and collective disobedience, and in some cases, possession of prohibited weapons.

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