Africa in 5 minutes: Zimbabwe wage increase. Nigeria no bail for rape. Angola cease corruption assets. 13 dead in Somalia. Helicopter to fight Kilimanjaro blaze.

16th October 2020

Zimbabwe scrap COVID-19 allowance and increase opublic workers salary

Zimbabwe scrap COVID-19 allowance and increase public workers salary

Public Service Commission secretary Jonathan Wutawunashe announced the move in a statement Wednesday.

"The Public Service Commission is pleased to advise government workers that the USD75 Covid-19 allowance for September is being paid today (Wednesday).

"Going forward, the USD75 Covid allowance will be paid on pay days.

"This effectively means that the least paid worker (B1) is now earning ZW$11 350.15 while a teacher at entry grade (D1) earns a total of ZW$12 491.15.

"The UDS allowance is indexed to the prevailing RBZ foreign exchange rate," Wutawunashe said.

He added, "Government is committed to continuously improve the working conditions of civil servants and hopes that negotiations in the National Joint Negotiating Council (NJNC) to further improve emoluments for civil servants will be concluded soon."

Nigeria: Rape charges are now a non-bailable offense

Nigeria: Rape charges are now a non-bailable offense

Minister of State in the FCT, Dr. Ramatu Tijjani Aliyu, on Wednesday announced the decision by the Nigerian Federal Government on making rape a non-bailable offense.

This means any person charged with rape will not have an option of paying bail but will spend the full time in jail.

'It is also gratifying to know that our dear President, Muhammadu Buhari, in him lies a man who believes in the worth of the girl-child. We have been able to present to him various cases of gender-based violence in the Federal Executive Council.

"Let me assure you that laws will soon be rolled out, to serve as a deterrent to culprits who are guilty or people found culpable of abuses of the girl-child. Unlike before that rape cases are 'bailable', we are now working towards a situation where it would no longer be a bailable offense.

"In the Federal Capital Territory, we have been able to give succour to the girl-child, we have been able to encourage the girl-child, we have been able to make them believe in themselves. The girl-child is not subordinate to any other child. The Administration will continue to boost this, and continue to preach this experience and embark on advocacy". She said.

Angola: two general's assets ceased by the government

Angola: two general's assets ceased by the government

In the latest move against corruption of high ranked officials in Angola, the state prosecutors have aquired assets of two general in connection to the former presidents.

Assets ranged from factories, properties and other non-durable assets.

According to the national media, the generals implicated handed their assets voluntarily.

The generals are suspected of leveraging state contracts for their own benefit and stand accused of crimes including fraud and the falsification of documents, according to the ANGOP report published on Wednesday.

Somali soldiers suffer 13 casualties after clashing with al Shabaab militants

Somali soldiers suffer 13 casualties after clashing with al Shabaab militants

A clash between Somali soldiers and al Shabaab in the jungles and farm lands has left 13 soldiers dead.

“We left Afgoye district and attacked al Shabaab in the farms outside Afgoye,” Major Mohamed Ali told Reuters, describing Wednesday’s incident in the district about 30 km (19 miles) from Mogadishu.

“We killed four militants and chased al Shabaab,” Ali said late on Wednesday. “Most of the military came back and we left two dozen soldiers there. Then, this evening, al Shabaab attacked our few soldiers and killed 13.”

Al Shabaab has battled since 2008 to overthrow Somalia’s internationally-recognised central government and establish its rule, based on its own interpretation of Islamic law.

Tazania: Helicopters sent to Kilimanjaro in hope to put out the blaze

Tanzania : Helicopters sent to Kilimanjaro in hope to put out the blaze

Africa's highest mountain has been on fire for 5 days. Tanzania has deployed a helicopter to bolster its efforts to put out a blaze.

“In order to increase efficiency in containing the fire, we have started using a helicopter since this afternoon,” Hamisi Kigwangalla, minister for natural resources and tourism

The fire erupted on Sunday in the Whona area, a rest centre for climbers using Mandara and Horombo, two of the routes that tourists take up the mountain.

Hundreds of firefighters including residents and students have been battling to extinguish the blaze.

Kilimanjaro rises to almost 6,000 metres (20,000 feet) above sea level and attracts about 50,000 climbers a year.

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