Tensions rise outside Senekal court, EFF accused of damaging public property

16th October 2020

The media has not been allowed to broadcast the trial but the court has allowed the broadcast of the closing arguments and judgment in the bail application of the accused.

Tensions have been escalating outside of the courthouse amongst the many groups who came to the town to seek their ideal of justice.

EFF leader Julius Malema sent supporters into the town to march against a group of farmer supporters clad in khaki and waving Boer Republic flags.

A group of bikers allegedly marched through the EFF crowd, prompting police to warn attendees to remain calm.

In the courtroom, Mahlamba argued for bail saying, that he was not involved in Horner's death and wants to return to living normally.

Shortly after this, media reports of EFF supporters damaging public property with supporting imagery have surfaced.

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