Zambians sue Anglo American mining company over lead poisoning

22nd October 2020

A class action suit holds Anglo responsible for lead poisoning from the Kabwe Mine, affecting 'generations of children'.

The suit against Anglo American South Africa (AASA) has been filed by local law firm Mbuyisa Moleele Attorneys and UK-based firm Leigh Day.

The plaintiffs are acting on behalf of more than 100,000 individuals in the Kabwe District of Zambia believed to have been poisoned by lead.

This reportedly happened on Anglo American's watch - the Kabwe mine was part of the AASA group from 1925 until 1974.

The claimants are principally young children who are suffering from alarming levels of lead poisoning, says the legal team.

According to Zanele Mbuyisa, director of Mbuyisa Moleele Attorneys, Lead never leaves the body she says, leading to medical problems for pregnant women and, as a result, their children.

The Kabwe mine closed in 1994, after being nationalised and operated by Zambia for 20 years.

However, the Zambian government is not also being held liable says Mbuyisa.

Should the legal action succeed, UK funder Augusta Ventures would receive 25% of the payout.

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