Arnold Schwarzenegger feeling 'fantastic' and motivates after heart surgery

26th October 2020

Former Governor of California, retired bodybuilder, and star of the Terminator film franchise, Arnold Schwarzenegger, recently underwent heart surgery and reported feeling well.

"Thanks to the team at the Cleveland Clinic, I have a new aortic valve to go along with my new pulmonary valve from my last surgery. I feel fantastic and have already been walking the streets of Cleveland enjoying your amazing statues. Thank you to every doc and nurse on my team!," wrote Schwarzenegger in a Twitter post accompanied by photos.

Schwarzenegger first opened up about his emergency open-heart surgery in a commencement speech to 2020 graduates, using the example of undergoing surgery, and recovering to shoot 'Terminator: Dark Fater' just four months later as motivation for graduates to overcome obstacles not only during the COVID-19 pandemic but later in life.

"My advice to graduates on overcoming obstacles during coronavirus. Because of coronavirus, you are graduating into a world filled with obstacles, so I wanted you to know that no matter how successful you are, there will always be obstacles.'

"But you can overcome and move toward your vision. Europeans don't talk about medical issues much, we protect them like state secrets.'

"Maybe it's a sign I'm Americanised, but I wanted to share the story of my heart surgery going south four months before 'Terminator'. I hope it gives you motivation in these hard times," he wrote.

In a video he shared with the graduates, Schwarzenegger detailed some of the complications doctors encountered during the surgery, which were life-threatening.

He also spoke about how he celebrated each 'small victory' he experienced as he was recovering such as, walking his first 500 steps with the assistance of a walker and regaining his appetite to eat normally.

"No matter how successful you are, life will throw obstacles in your path like it was with my heart surgery.'

"But if you have a very clear vision like I talked about earlier, of exactly what you want to do, and who you want to be, you can go and find a way around all of those obstacles," he said.

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