EFF to approach SAHRC over the display of apartheid flag during recent farm murder protest

27th October 2020

The Western Cape division of the Economic Freedom Fighters says that it is planning to approach the police and the South African Human Rights Commission over the display of the old South African flag at a recent protest.

The protest in question is the one that took place on Sunday when protestors marched to Parliament to call on the government to bring an end to farm attacks.

Organized by Agriculture MEC Ivan Meyer, who addressed the crowd, the EFF called for his arrest and said that those who displayed flags representing the oppressive apartheid-era should also be held accountable.

"The court of this country has now outlawed the usage of such an extremely racist symbol and anyone found to be using such a symbol has committed a criminal offence," pointed out the EFF's Wandile Kasibe, who added that they would lay a formal complaint with the police on Tuesday and submit a report to the SAHRC.

According to EWN, Meyer denied seeing the inflammatory flags and said that he would not be intimidated by the EFF, who he said only incited violence.

"The very same person who should be arrested here is Mr Melama for inciting these murders on the farmers of South Africa," said Valerie Byliefeld, another protest organizer who condemned any display of the flags, adding that the cause stood for justice and not for racism.

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