Rumors of Cell C shutting down not what it seems

28th October 2020

Tech Guru Brendon Peterson has clarified theories that Cell C is shutting down its network, stating that major changes are happening behind the scenes but, they will not affect customers of the network provider.

Speaking to CaptTalk's Lester Kiewit, Peterson explained that Cell C would no longer be operating its own physical infrastructure, such as cellphone towers.

Cell C is planning to lease the equipment from rival MTN.

"So if you are a Cell C customer, you are still going to have service. It is still going to say Cell C. It is just not going to be routed through Cell C towers but rather through MTN towers. That's it," explained Peterson.

Cell C is said to be ridding themselves of the costly maintenance and repair of towers, saving them some much-needed money.

Cell C customers will still be able to purchase data and airtime as usual, and contracts will not be affected.

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