SA coronavirus: over 2000 new cases in two days and no second wave and no lockdown

20th November 2020

Data released by the Health Department show that South Africa has reported more than 2,000 new cases in the last two days.

On Wednesday the 18th, 2,888 new cases were reported, and on the 19th 2,514 new cases.

While the count is not as was in June, July and August there are concern for a second given SA is about to start the festive season.

Expert warn that if people do not ensure they take necessary measure, there will be a surge much worst than that of July.

The festive season which is sees movement of people from province to province, a lot more gatherings than usual and parties throughout the country and gathering at beaches.

A suggestion for a nation wide lockdown is not in question though, simply because the economy cannot afford another hard lockdown.

Speaking with Radio 702, Zweli Mkhize has pleaded with South Africans to refrain from complacency. Life with coronavirus is not normal, and nobody should treat it as such.

“The numbers were coming down in July and August but we have seen in the last three weeks that cases are slowly creeping up and we are passing over 2 000 cases per day. This indicates that there are pockets of cluster outbreaks and the numbers are becoming prominent and are growing in the Eastern Cape.“

“It is important that all South Africans are concerned about the rise in cases: The numbers should be going down and stabilising but it looks like complacency has come in and people think they can just live a normal life.”

“We are not at a point where we are talking about a harder lockdown, but people need to observe all the COVID-19 protocols. We are saying people need to enjoy their festive season differently at a distance, with masks and sanitizers.”

South Africa has 759,658 cases with 20,671 deaths and 36,443 active cases. Currently number 16 on the list of countries with most cases.

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