Brackenfell saga updates: PAC clashed with police, EFF setting up shop, residents urged to avoid the area

20th November 2020

The Pan African Congress of Azania staged a demonstration in Brackenfell on Thursday and were met with heavy police presence.

Law enforcement was on high alert against PAC due to an inflammatory chant that protestors were saying leading up to their scheduled protest.

"One settler, one bullet," chanted PAC protestors en-route to Brackenfell on Wednesday.

The party was met with a hard line formed by the SAPS.

Law enforcement did not hesitate to disperse PAC crowds with rubber bullets and some-grenades, scattering dozens of demonstrators in the process.

From Thursday, the City of Cape Town issued a warning to locals in and around Brackenfell to avoid the area until at least Saturday, unless they need to attend the high school for their matric exams.

"The permit is limited to the participation of 100 EFF members who have undertaken not to disrupt learners or matric exams, which has been accepted by Western Cape High Court Judge Siraj Desai as sufficient for the protest to go ahead in terms of his ruling. Metro police video units will be present to record the events and incidents.'

"Do not go to the vicinity of Brackenfell High School, unless you are a parent bringing a learner to school. Parents are asked to adhere to requests communicated by the school pertaining to safety arrangements for Friday," read a statement by the City of Cape Town.

In terms of Friday's scheduled protest by the Economic Freedom Fighters, spokesperson Vuyani Pambo stated that the party would be fully exercising its right to protest.

"We will make sure what happened last week does not ever again," said Pambo.

Pambo was referring to the aggressive reception that EFF protestors received last week when they first arrived at the high school.

This time around, the EFF will be joined by the Cape Party, who have said that they would be protesting in support of pupils, parents, and teachers.

Brackenfell High came into the scope of political parties and media over an allegedly racially segregated matric ball hosted at the school but organized by parents and learners.

Allegations of a racist culture at the school has also added to the general outrage expressed by the public.

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